About Us

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Heart's Desire Farm, LLC is a small thoroughbred breeding and racing operation in Mechanicsville, MD.  We have just a handful of broodmares, weanlings, yearlings, 2 yr olds and older horses that we either sell or train to race.  We also are very active in placing any horses that we have ever owned or bred into fantastic second careers and homes.  We are a small operation and therefore use commercial farms for boarding and foaling.  Our breaking trainer (and sometimes racing trainer) is Jason Cole @ Colebroke in West River, MD.  Our racing trainer is Faith Leatherman and her team, based out of Pimlico.

The founder of Heart's Desire Farm, LLC is Diane Krasznay, DVM.  Although a small animal veterinarian in everyday practice, she is an equine enthusiast at heart.  A lover of all animals, large and small, nothing is more beautiful and noble than an equine athlete in her eyes.  Diane welcomes anyone interested and any newcomers to the sport to feel free to contact her by email, facebook, pm, or phone.  Her hope is that her passion will be carried on in her own children and in all who become entranced by the beauty and power of the thoroughbred.